How to Play Craps like a Pro

It is common for a newbie craps player to feel daunted at this first game. It is true to almost everyone who tries the game once and then fails right away. But do not be discouraged because as any gambling game there are the ups and downs but definitely there are ways to manage and have a good chance of winning from it.

It is important for a player to know that craps is played in rounds and beating the odds as well as the house edge are the top considerations when playing the game. There is a strategy, yes there is, when playing craps at a live casino. The main goal of a craps strategy is to increase one’s chances at beating the odds and house edge while minimizing one’s bet.

Betting less when you are on the losing end and betting more when you are on the advantage.

Another strategy is to utilize the odds. Keep in mind that craps is a game of chance thus it can only be controlled by making bets and how you made your bets. Betting with the best odds and using them to your advantage is the key to earn more edge.

Utilize the Come, Don’t Come, Pass and Don’t Pass bets in strategizing with the odds. A player can either buy the odds from a Pass bet or lay the odds through the Don’t Pass bet. An increment on the initial Pass or Don’t Pass bet after a Come-out roll is one of the best options to minimize the house edge.

More experienced players would play it wrongly and lay odds after a big roll is a strategy to stretch the bankroll in order to play longer at the craps table. The object is to win over the house edge with minimal wager. It is also a good move to play double odds on 4’s and 10’s where the probability is larger than the other numbers.

Lastly, the basic strategy for all craps players is to be prepared. Being armed with enough information and game terminology are essential in order to understand the basics of the game. Practice makes perfect and continuous exposure to the game will help a player understand and formulate his own strategy.

As an advice, do not be too arrogant when playing craps especially if you turned out to be a good player. Remember that you started as a newbie, just like everyone else.

So as you can see it just takes a little practice and you will be playing craps like a pro.