CS:GO for Android

CS:GO for Android

03.09.2020 Off By Ivan

Today millions of people play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as it is one of the most popular online first-person shooters. Many of these users play through tablets and cell phones on the Android platform, so Valve developed the CS:GO application for Android in English.

The storyline has remained the same. In the beginning, the players are divided into two teams KT (special forces) and T (terrorists). To win, they must competently organize an attack, think through the tactics and stay alive. The team that destroys all opponents or can disarm/explode explosives wins.

In this case, mobile CS:GO on the phone, not inferior to the original version for personal computers and laptops. The developer company has fully performed the adaptation of the graphical component, as well as added statistics of combat and awards. In general, the mobile CS:GO application for Android deserves attention, as there are already a lot of fans around the world. You can learn more about the features of the game at csgo.net/faq.

Features of the CS GO mobile on Android

The mechanical part of the CS GO mobile on Android was the most realistic. The company Valve perfectly worked the texture and made the game interface more advanced. If you download free CS:GO to your phone or tablet, you will see that the game has implemented more awards. In particular, for non-standard elimination of the opponent. Also in CS:GO for Android, as in the full version on the PC, players earn in-game money, and then spend the currency on the desired weapons and grenades.

The management process in CS:GO for Android has not actually changed. Allowed offline game alone with the bots or online fight with other fighters. Implemented new maps, as well as a special generator, with which you can create your own maps. There is an option of selection of commands on official servers which allows to collect in the rink of gamers approximately of the same level.

Any owner of a cell phone or tablet can download CS:GO to Android free of charge and without registration. You only need to have a smartphone running on Android 4.1 and above, and not less than 800 Mb of free space. You can download CS:GO on your phone in Play Market enough from your mobile device to open a store, enter the search box query type “for CS:GO”, select the application from the list and follow the instructions. CS:GO mobile application on Android is not required to the iron and for the most part weighs about 90 Mb.

Advantages of CS:GO for Android

If you download the game CS:GO to your tablet, the user will get many advantages. Here are just some of the obvious advantages:

  • The high quality graphic component. Objects and game look as realistic as possible.
  • Classic storyline.
  • Free Android APK version is well optimized and runs on most cell phones and tablets.
  • Huge selection of weapons and maps.
  • Intuitive and fascinating gameplay.
  • Stable works in English.
  • There are new achievements.
  • Added skins, boxes and additional console commands.

In addition, if you download CS:GO mobile on Android, the gamer is waiting for dynamic battles, different locations and an exciting game. It is enough just to select the map, the command and you can hone your skills in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. That’s why we recommend that you download CS:GO to your phone or tablet for free and without registration, as millions of people have already done.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the developers of Valve company have worked perfectly all the moments of the CS:GO game on the tablet and mobile device. All you need to do is to download CS:GO to your Android phone and enjoy the gameplay without having to bind to your PC/laptop. In addition to the game you can find out about the game at csgo.net.